our story

Ours is a unique story that began one evening in the tantalizingly aromatic kitchen of the Choco Mania founders. The birth of an idea sprung from the memorable flashback of fingers smudged in chocolate,  so we decided to brew and bake happiness not only for our families, but for yours.

Choco Mania opened as a reminiscence of our childhood when it was a “thing” for us to dip mom’s sponge cake in molten chocolate. Since then we decided to unleash our humble creations in Stockholm and all across Sweden.

We believe in happiness for everyone

Choco Mania is the definition of happiness, promising a smile, the highest quality handcrafted desserts & taking break from life!

So bring a book, a lover, a first date, a friend, or your family & discover the

our core value

Our tables stand as monuments against time, age & gender discrimination, racism, & differences

welcoming the yin and the yang.

Let us forget or differences and take a break from life.

find your dose of happiness below:


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